Blackbodies (Pulsation)

Release date December 6 - 2019

Video by Gary Hunter

Vocals by Noemi Aurora (Helalyn Flowers)

Official video for the first ever released single by 808 DOT POP

available in 3 different download sets and 7inch vinyl single

The Colour Temperature

Release date June 5 - 2020
Video by Passenger S

A promotional video for the debut album The Colour Temperature

Blackbodies (Dislocation)

Release date April 17 - 2020

Video by Gary Hunter

Vocals by Noemi Aurora (Helalyn Flowers)

Official video for the alternative version of the song only to be found on 7inch vinyl single

Jingle Pop

Release date December 23 - 2019
Video by Passenger S

A funny way ending the year 2019.


Videos are a sort of must these days and I admittedly have to say this is truly a separate artform. Sure I can make music and I can put one or more notes one after the other, but videos....

I cannot precisely recall when, but it was around the time we were preparing the expositions for the Metroland album 'Men in a frame' that I started to chat with someone from Manchester, a man going under the name of Gary Hunter. Apparently a Metroland fan, like some others....but...entirely not like any of the others!

Gary very fast appeared to be a man with a true and sensitive heart of gold, with a very kind wife and daughter, whom I fortunately was able to meet when we had our expo in my hometown Mechelen early 2019.

Somehow, due to an enviromental takeover, that weekend did not turn out the way we all wanted it to be, but no doubt, a deeper MM (Manchester-Mechelen) friendship was born there.

I involved Gary in the 808 concept from the very start as my trustee, freely giving his comments and me taking his advice. "Oh, that demo is too long", "oh, that sounds great, but"...and there, I discovered a true artist, not only on video, but also music wise.....a man which is gifted with many talents. And since Gary made videos for the Metroland expositions, the next step was an easy one to take. 

Without any hesitation Gary offered his 'video art' for all the 808 DOT POP (not saying how much) singles to be released from 'The Colour Temperature'. I can and must say, he did it his own way,  with the right approach, the right enthusiasm, and me, only some adaption remarks here and there. It felt like something so 80s, just go for it, we'll make it happen, a vibe I simply adore, even so many years later.

At the time of writing, it is Gary who led me towards the concept of a second 808 DOT POP album, and he even provided lyrics for a song, and.....expect much more in the future.

Passenger S - April 2020