Axel Suetens should not be new to those who have been following Metroland from the beginning. He was the one making those fantastic pictures for the first Metroland album Mind The Gap, dating back to 2012. I cannot recall how long Axel and I have known each other, but it has been for some time....

What I do clearly recall is the moment when I spoke with Axel about 808 DOT POP. It was during one of our infamous 'Da Pepe's' Italian dinners, on a soothing hot summer day in 2019. It was more in particular what the concept of the album "The Colour Temperature" was about that gave Axel that enourmous appetite for more, whilst I, got buried under a load of photographic terms and yet another glass of Italian wine.

Not many words were needed after that, and appointments were made fast, to start shooting in Mechelen (along with my buddy Jurgen Devry), Zaventem, and a minor rainy subset in Hasselt. We had some remarkable moments captured on these images, icey cold for sure, as we did the photoshoots during early winter of 2019.

Rest assured, the results, with Axel's use of very specific "colour gels" are quite stunning. I can assure you, none of the colour effects were photoshopped, they are truly taken with high sophisticated material, and expect far more concerning these pictures later on.

Passenger S - April 2020