Agust 4, 2020

Side Line Interview

I had a good chat with a long life time friend of mine, Stepahn Froidcoeur, for Side Line.

Read the click interview here

Agust 01, 2020

El Que

October 2nd will be the day that Alfa Matrix will release their Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft tribute entitled 'Wir Sind DAF'.

Humble 808 DOT POP is included with a cover of El Que, which was originally featured on the 1981 album Gold Und Liebe. An album which still is a true masterpiece considering the fact it is nearly 40 years.

The cover is in the typical style of 808 and I am happy to warm you up with a little teaser: 808 DOT POP - El Que

June 8, 2020


June 19 the second single taken from 'The Colour Temperature' entitled 'Incandescent' will be released. Two regular downloads and as usual a 7inch vinyl with a unique postcard. And when you have seen the first card, you will know what comes next

June 05, 2020

The Colour Temperature

Today the debut album 'The Colour Temperature' is released on download and cd

May 07, 2020

Florian Schneider

No doubt that many of us were struck by lightning about the passing of Florian Schneider, a man without whom... well...I guess words are not needed, so I did something else to say goodbye to this super human being. 

Simply click the picture below and feel free to share and download this short piece of music, in memory of Florian, one these man machines.

May 05, 2020

Pre-order Blackbodies (Dislocation) 7 inch vinyl

The final part in a series of 4 regarding 'Blackbodies' is available for pre-order. 

You can order the limited 7inch and as long as stock is available a free compilation 'sounds of the matrix' will be included. This compilation is the only place where you can have the 'Blackbodies (Pulsation)' version on CD. The only one, yes, as the Pulsation version will not appear on the album 'The Colour Temperature'. 

April 16, 2020

RGB (Test Sequence Alt)

Tomorrow the 3rd part in a series of 4 regarding 'Blackbodies' will be released. 

Nothing less than a 5 track download with 2 shiny new songs, one entitled 'Gamma Rays' and a second song 'RGB' along with bonus mixes. A special promotional video was created for RGB, in a unique video version going by the name 'Test Sequence Alt'.

April 13, 2020

Blackbodies (Dislocation) - Pre-Order

The official release of the Blackbodies (Dislocation) limited 7inch vinyl is set back. There is of course still the option for pre-ordering. 


Side A - Blackbodies (Dislocation)

Side B- Kelvin (3500)